Repost: Colt Teams In The UK, Why Not?

Very interesting article about B teams in English leagues, think it would make reserve football much more competitive and help with the development of a lot of our young players.

Dall Sports Media

As a premier league commission considers the introduction of feeder clubs into the league system, it’s worth asking if colt teams are the future of developing young players in Britain?

Inclusion of such teams have been mooted down south in England in recent years, Andre-Villas Boas and David Moyes have previously spoke of their desire for similar teams in the lower divisions in but a combination of bureaucracy and the fact that they would have to start 6 divisions below the conference, the lowest rung in English football, killed the prospect of taking any proposal further.

Arsene Wenger and Roberto Martinez are the latest to come out with their support for such teams and with Wenger’s track record for developing young players surely he and the opinion of the other managers should count the most in any football debate.

Those opposed to the introduction of such team, for example football…

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