So do Chelsea play football or not?


This is the tweet that Liverpool defender José Enrique after Chelsea’s loss to Atletico Madrid last night.

The tweet is basically a dig at Chelsea and José Mourinho’s tactics in the Liverpool vs Chelsea game. He went to Anfield and played a very defensive team and won 2-0.
Many people have called this ‘parking the bus’ but I personally think it was a tactical masterclass. Within the Chelsea team there are many many world class players but their strikers are an area that let this side down. This is why it makes sense for Chelsea to play more defenders and midfielders as this is how they can get the most world class players on the pitch. He also did it because he knew Liverpool wouldn’t be able to just sit and be happy with the draw. Liverpool didn’t need to win, all they needed to do was not lose and the title would basically be theirs but because they were at Anfield with their fans roaring them on, Mourinho knew that they would attack and play for a win, he knew he could frustrate them defensively and he knew he could then hit them on the counter to score. This played out exactly as he invisaged and they won the game.
Now José Enrique may class this as ‘not playing football’ but at the end of the day his team we’re out played both on and off the pitch. Liverpool could have lined up the same way and said to Chelsea ‘you need to win, so attack us and we will hit you on the counter’ but they didn’t and by allowing Man City back into the title race they may have paid the ultimate price.

Also with regards to Chelsea’s squad the are so solid in defence that if they could sign a Costa and he gets 20+ goals next year I really do believe the league is over before it’s begun.


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