Why Arsenal need to lose the Arsené.

Arsenal. 9 years with no trophies, countless trends of #WengerOut and yet he is still there. Yes this year they have reached the FA cup final (just) and they were top of the league for a large chunk of the year (although they’ve faded in the later parts of the season, again) but still I don’t believe Arsène has done enough to merit keeping his job. David Moyes had less than a year because he won nothing and wasn’t competing in the league, a new manager to a top club wouldn’t get 9 years with in trophies but because he has been there so long he is afforded the benefit of the doubt and allowed to continue and here in lies the problem, Arsenal won’t sack him because he is such an icon.

This year he spend money on Özil in an attempt to make his squad good enough to win something and yes it may work but more work is done and I don’t believe Arsène knows how to spend big money on players which Arsenal need to do this summer, that’s the main reason I would argue he is not the man to lead Arsenal forward.
With regards to the FA cup, yes it is a fantastic cup and part of our footballing history but for teams like Arsenal it should be viewed as the third best thing they can win and even ranked behind finishing in the top 4.

To win the league you need to be the best team over a 36 game season, playing 19 other teams twice, you would be the best team in the he country.

To win the Champions League you need to get through a 4 team group and then you are 8 games from the final, but those games (4 two legged ties) will be against some of the best teams in Europe, if you win that you are the best team in Europe.

To win the FA cup you could get drawn against 6 top teams in a Premier Leagues 6 game route to the cup but the chances are you will get drawn against a few championships teams and if you’re lucky some league one or two or maybe non league teams as well. These are all games teams like Arsenal should be winning so they should easily win a cup like the FA cup.
For me looking at a team like Arsenal, winning the FA cup and limping to fourth should be seen as a failure and after 9 years of failure I think the time has come for a change and for Arsène to leave Arsenal.


3 thoughts on “Why Arsenal need to lose the Arsené.

    • My friend is an Arsenal fan and I keep saying how I think the club could move forward without Wenger in charge and his reply is always ‘better the devil you know’ which is a good point as after the Moyes saga no Arsenal fan wants to see that happen to their club but if they never take the risk they’ll never know what they’re missing out on. I do agree with you that they need to wait until they have someone lined up with experience of winning leagues and getting teams into Europe regularly i.e. Pep from Bayern or Klopp?

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