England expects… Or does it?

For once the media has been quite calm regarding England’s World Cup chances. Maybe it’s the fact we’ve been drawn with Italy and Uruguay. Maybe it’s the tropical climate we’ll be playing in. Maybe it’s the massive amount of traveling the squad will be doing between games. Or maybe they’ve finally accepted were not the best team in the world.

Personally I think we are a quarter final team and anything beyond that is a massive positive! In this World Cup I think we will be quite lucky to get that far but let’s get positive for a moment.

Sturridge has been on fire this year, so has Raheem Sterling and if they continue that connection for England… Wow.

Gary Cahill has been part of the best centre back partnership in the league.

Gerrard has been brilliant for Liverpool and so has, surprisingly, Jordan Henderson and again if they continue this form for England it’s an exciting thought!

Adam Lallana has burst onto the international scene and will be a real unknown for many teams.

Rickie Lambert provides a physical option up front that many defenders won’t enjoy playing against.

All this year English players have been taking penalties and taking them well which is always encouraging!

I think there are lots more reasons that we could really do well this World Cup but the main one is the general lack of expectation… For once England doesn’t over expect and that could lead to a good summer all round.

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