World Cup 2014

So the World Cup is almost upon us, 32 of the worlds best teams and the favourites have already been picked. Surely it will be Brazil at home or Spain after their years of domination of world football… surely?

Honestly while it does help having talent I think that passion, teamwork and luck are the key elements to a successful world cup, and for a world cup like this being able to deal with the climate is huge.

Turkey and South Korea in 2002, Greece in Euro 2004, Ghana in 2010 all of these teams were by no means the best or near the best in those tournaments yet they all massively surpassed the expectations.
Turkey finished 3rd in 2002 with South Korea 4th, Greece won Euro 2002 and in 2010 Ghana were one Luis Suarez handball away from a place in the top 4.

All of these teams show the importance of teamwork and determination and show that regardless of not having a team of world beaters you can still achieve in major tournaments.

For this World Cup there will be a team that nobody expects in the top 4.
I believe it will be a South American team due to the climate, had Falcao not got injured I would have predicted Columbia.
Maybe it can be USA who always seem to perform well, (although they are probably in the hardest group), maybe it could be Belgium who are full of talented youngsters but my optimistic prediction is Ecuador. They have France, Switzerland and Honduras in their group, a group they can easily navigate and win. If they do they’ll play either Bosnia, Iran or Nigeria which again is a winnable game. From that stage on luck plays a massive part so who knows.

One thought on “World Cup 2014

  1. Good blog post. Chile are a great team but have a hard group. If they get through that they could do well too. Quite fancy Columbia though even without Falcao they still have some good strikers!

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