Money Talks

More allegations are coming out about Qatar are their world cup bid and it turns out money may have been involved in getting the World Cup to Qatar (who knew hey!).
Qatar are ranked 95th, to put that into context the lowest ranked team in this tournament are Australia who are ranked 59th. Qatar have never reached a major tournament, they had no stadiums ready for the tournament, in the summer the temperature will push well over 40 degrees, hardly ideal conditions for a world cup but the pockets of Mr Blatter and his commrades were sufficiently lined. (having had a quick look at the evidence that has come out I have to say that Sepp Blatter isn’t directly named as taking a bribe and I believe he voted against Qatar but as the head of the organisation he needs to make sure things like this aren’t happening so must be held responsible).
But it was awarded to them and that in itself has created more problems, there are reports that by the time the tournament starts over 4000 migrant workers will have died building the stadia (over 500 already have) and there are also discussions about moving the World Cup to the winter which is a whole other matter but simply it’s a ridiculous idea.
Mohammed Bin Hamman was the former Fifa vice president who in 2010 was seen as part of the Qatar 2022 bid team and it is around his involvement that these allegations revolve. Obviously we need to let this run its course and see what FIFA decide to do but I believe a revote is the right action and a change in how FIFA operate is also necessary.