Wenger vs Rodgers



“It will be busy, but the main thing for us will be to keep the stability because we feel we are close,” he said. “We want to add something that makes us even stronger. But number wise it will not be massive.” – Arsene Wenger


Brendan Rodgers estimates around half a dozen players may be needed to bulk out his Liverpool squad to the required depth for the Champions League but the manager has no immediate concerns about having to buy in creativity.


These are the differing views coming out of Liverpool and Arsenal. I really do think that these sum up the two clubs and ultimately their ambitions.

Arsene Wenger goes on to talk about how close he believe they are to the title and that is why he believe only one or two players will be enough but the number of points they are off the top (7) makes it seem much closer than they really are. Against City, Chelsea and Liverpool they scored 7 and conceded 18. That is almost half of all their goals they conceded all year. This shows a massive gulf between Arsenal and the top 3 and in true Arsenal are more likely to be in another battle for 4th with Everton, Man United and Spurs next year than being in a battle for the top with Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City.

Liverpool on the other hand look set to finish joint top of the league and lose out on goal difference and they are as close to winning the league as they have been for years. On the back of this Brendon Rodgers is taking the exact view that Mr Wenger should be. He knows that he doesn’t need any major world beaters because his starting 11 is excellent but he also know that to compete in the league and Europe next season he needs a squad not just a team. Injuries are inevitable and if Liverpool sign 6 more good quality players, when this happens they will have quality players that can step in and keep the team achieving. Whereas with Arsenal the same thing happens every year, they get key injuries and the only players they have that can replace them are from their under 21s, players who, at the moment, aren’t ready to be premier league players. (This year in the under 21’s league Arsenal finished 14th. Chelsea, Liverpool, City and United were the top 4).

Arsene Wenger needs to adopt a new transfer policy. I’m not expecting him to sign another 3 or 4 £40 million players but he could do with signing 5 or 6 £20 million players to turn his team into a squad and really allow them to challenge next year.