Tour De France

I love the Tour de France, not really sure when this love started or why but its there. I know a lot of people won’t even give it a second glance and it’s gained a lot more popularity in the UK since Wiggins won and Froome followed him the year later.
For those who don’t know it is a bike race over a few weeks all around France (sounds boring huh!). Each day they will cycle hundreds of kilometers and points are awarded for finishing positions and if there are any climbs points are awarded for whoever reaches the top first. Every rider is also timed and the winner is the quickest, easy!
This means the winner will have to be quick on mountains and flats, the ultimate rider!
Because the stages are so long they take hours and a whole day will soon disappear watching it, most of the day is just riding in a pack and watching the beautiful scenary go by but come the last couple of km the sprinters come to the front and suddenly the action starts. There are few things in sports as explosive and exciting as a Sprint finish where riders and shoulder to shoulder and dizzying speeds and crash is never far away.
For anyone who has never watched it I would highly recommend catching a couple of the highlight shows and then go from there, no two days are the same and you won’t be disappointed!