What if the English Premier League was truly English?


This table taken from the New York Times shows what would happen if only goals by English players counted and it is shocking how far some teams rise or fall.
I do recommend you check out the site as it highlights the teams on both tables as you select one.

The biggest shocks for me are;

Man City drop from 1st to 18th which shows their over reliance on foreign players which could be interpreted to show that the English players aren’t developing good enough or maybe they just prefer the style of play foreign players bring with them. When you look at this though it is clear to see why Greg Dyke was ‘saddened’ by them winning the league.

Newcastle also drop to relegation but that it down to a team of French players which has its well documented problems.

At the top of table are Liverpool (Sturridge and Gerrard were key to this) and Southampton. This to me shows why in England’s World Cup squad there are 8 players from these two teams, they really have done well at bring through very good young English players and should be applauded.

I realise it is just a hypothetical situation that will never arise but some of the big teams really need to think about their under use of English players as I think it the future they will have to have a certain number of home grown or English players in their squads and if they can develop that talent now it will help not only them, but the English national team as well.