World Cup Week 1 Round Up!

Here are some of my observations from the first week of the tournament:

– The World Cup opening ceremony shouldn’t happen, it was awful!
– Pirlo is God.
– Raheem Stirling has a bright future
– Costa Rica probably aren’t the worst team in our group.
– Brazil have used up a large chunk of their luck in the win against Croatia
– Netherlands are up for this
– Spain not so much
– Columbia are winning best celebration
– Attack is winning over defense
– Van Persie’s goal will be shown over and over for years to come, quite rightly.
– The disappearing spray is the most simple and amazing idea ever.
– This one is for FIFA, good on you for implementing goal line technology but when the ball ripples the back of the net we dont need it confirmed!
– But FIFA when you do use it just show the part where it does cross the line please
– Honduras must have been watching Stoke in preparation for this World Cup
– Goals goals goals, already we’ve got more than double than last World Cup at this stage
– Spain looks like they’re down and out but I wouldn’t be so sure
– If Arsenal can sort out Joel Campbell’s permit then they have one heck of a player
– The future for England is as bright as it’s ever been.
– Messi and most of the big name players are off and running
– For the first time in years France might actually have turned up at a tournament… As long as they don’t fall out with each other
– Japan have amazing fans
– When it rains in Brazil it can really rain
– If Columbia had Falcao they would be so scary
– Germany have arrived and Muller is still in form from 4 years ago
– Pepe is a liability (even if Muller didn’t help his case)
– USA must have decided to only play for the first and last 10 minutes and it’s left them with a real chance to get out of the ‘group of death’
– I think we could all have predicted the first draw would be Iran v Nigeria and we weren’t disappointed
– Fabio Capello must be cursed when it comes to goalkeeping errors in the first games at world cups.

Feel free to comment with your own as the games go on!


Why American Football is the greatest sport.

Now before I start this article I should say I don’t really think American Football is the best sport but I do think in the UK it is massively underrated and hopefully I’ll explain why in this article.
For me my interest in the NFL started in about 2001 when I played the demo of Madden 2002. It was the Baltimore Ravens vs New York Giants and I thought I’d go for the Ravens just to pick the team I imagined to be less well known. In 2008 I started watching game highlights and have progressed from there to watching more videos, going to the International Series games and getting more and more into the draft and seriously it’s a fantastic sport to get into.
The season runs from September to February so it’s all concentrated over the winter which means you get a whole seasons worth of excitement over 6 months.
The games themselves take about 3 hours to play and for an outsider that seems like ages but when you’re watching it really isn’t, you sit and talk about what’s happened, drink and eat, the pace is perfect.
The action is intense. Yes some plays are a one yard run and that’s it but in every game you’ll get a big hit, you’ll get an amazing run, an amazing catch etc that will quickly get you hooked.
Just from the Ravens you need to watch the last two minutes of the game vs the Vikings last year. 2 minutes and the lead changed 5 times, all while the pitch was covered in snow that would have seen an English game postponed!
Then the offseason quietly rumbles away with stories of contracts and college players to watch until the draft. For such a simple event they really build it up, imagine the transfer window crammed into three days. You get 6 to 10 new players and then get to study how good they look and how much you think they’ll improve your team!

Seriously I’d highly recommend the sport, to start I’d say pick a team and watch their highlights every week and go from there and I promise you won’t regret it.